Regulation and Licensure (as defined by the NFPA) is the process by which a governmental or other entity authorizes general practice in the Paralegal profession and the use of the title “Paralegal.” The term Paralegal refers to an individual who meets predetermined qualifications that may include educational and experience requirements, continuing legal education, proficiency based examinations, adherence to a code of ethics, and other criteria as set forth by the regulating agency.

NFPA’s Model Plan for Voluntary Paralegal Regulation
NFPA’s Model Plan for Paralegal Licensure

In June 2014, the Minnesota Paralegal Association announced its voluntary certification program, Minnesota Certified Paralegal (MnCP) to establish a standard of competency for paralegals in Minnesota. The first MnCP credentials were awarded September 1, 2014. This program is an opportunity for Minnesota paralegals to validate their qualifications and offers a credential to paralegals that meet certain education and experience requirements.

Applications for the certification program can be found here or by contacting the Regulation Committee Chair at Completed applications and accompanying documentation, as well as payments, should be submitted via the online form.  

Applications will be reviewed in the order in which they are received. The Minnesota Paralegal Association will do its best to evaluate applications within 30 days of receipt, but note that at times of high volume, it may take longer. Credentialing occurs on the first of the month, and typically credentials are awarded the 1st of the month following submission of the application. For example, an application received on August 12th, should be ready for award on September 1st

The new Minnesota Certified Paralegals may begin using the MnCP designation when they receive approval of their application, which typically occurs on or about the 1st of the month following the application. For example, if you apply for your MnCP credential on September 10, you should receive an approval notice and authorization to use the credential on or about October 1. The form of the credential should be in the following format: your name, any applicable RP® or CRP™ credential, then the MnCP credential, i.e. either "Jane M. Doe, RP®, MnCP," or "Jane M. Doe, MnCP." It would be good practice to follow it up on a signature block with the full title, "Minnesota Certified Paralegal."

New MnCP’s will receive an Acknowledgement Certificate from the Minnesota Paralegal Association recognizing their achievement, and they will be recognized in the issue of Citations following their credentialing.

After becoming a MnCP, individuals wishing to maintain their credential will be required to complete and record 10 CLE credits, including 1 ethics credit, every two years. The CLE credits may cross over with RP®, CRP®, or other CLE requirements.  The individual will renew credentials every two years, due by the anniversary of the date they received their credential.

Any questions can be directed to the Regulation Committee by e-mailing 

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